What's Co-living?


Co-Living offers a new and unique living experience focused on community, which reflects the values of our generation including a sustainable, minimalist, communicative and mobile lifestyle. It provides instant access to housing within a dynamic global community of like-minded people.

The QUARTERS Co-living building includes common spaces and community events that bring people together to share their passion and interests, make friends, or even start projects or build startups together!


What is the leasing process like? 

We pride ourselves on a pressure-free and easy leasing process. We are currently offering contact-less virtual tours of apartments and in-person tours on a case-by-case basis. Once you find a room you love, we'll run an easy and credit-friendly background check on you. Once you pass that, we'll set you up with an account to book your room at your leisure.


Join the waiting list, we keep you posted.

Join the waiting list, we'll keep you posted.

We are coming very soon.

If you this page does not answer your questions, please fill out a leasing form in your city and a leasing agent will get back to you within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Co-Living?

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What is Co-Living?

Co-Living is living in cities reimagined. We remove the stress and anxiety of traditional leasing (brokers fees, annual leases, finding furniture, finding roommates) and provide you with fully-furnished, private rooms and apartments with "choose your lease" terms in friendly buildings with like-minded roommates and neighbors.

COVID-19 has created a housing crisis in cities. Co-living is an amazing solution for renters looking for housing options with more flexibility or for residents looking for a greater sense of community and belonging. 

Who is Co-Living for?

Our members range from people moving to a new city to those looking for more flexible leases, and to remote work-from-anywhere professionals who are just looking for a change of pace. The common thread is convenience, community and culture. 

What kind of people live at Quarters?

The diversity in our community is what makes it amazing. Quarters residents range from college students to professionals in their 40s and include artists, dancers, actors as well as doctors, lawyers and professionals. 

I don't have great credit. Will that be a problem? 

In traditional leasing a bad credit score could instantly deny you a lease. Co-Living and Quarters offers way more flexibility in qualifying for our leases. While minimum qualifications are necessary, we are able to work with most applicants on a case-by-case basis.

How long does it take to get approved? 

We have the capability of going from initial inquiry to providing keys to your room in just 3 days. This is conditional on inventory, availability and volume of move-ins that month. 

I only want to lease for 1-2 months. Is this possible?

We require a minimum stay of 3 months. 

Finding Your RoomBACK

Can I move in with my partner?

We offer 1BR and Studio Loft apartments in Chicago and East Village. Those are the only units approved for 2 persons to live in. Private rooms in shared apartments are for single occupancy only. 

What does my rent include? 

Your rent includes a fully-furnished private room or apartment with a bed, mattress, new linens and a fully-stocked kitchen. Some buildings include a desk and closet while others have a built-in storage units. All Quarters come with on-site laundry or in-unit laundry and dishwashers.

What does the $125/month utility fee cover?

The utility fee includes electric, hot water, heat, air conditioning, super-fast wifi, maintenance fees and a dedicated community manager in each city.

Living at Quarters

I'd like to move in with friends and live in the same apartment. 

We love that! We will work with you to place you and all your friends in the same unit or on adjacent units depending on the number of friends and the type of room you're looking for. 

I want to tour the apartment before I move-in. Is this possible?

Unfortunately due COVID-19, the health and safety of our community is large priority and we are not able to allow potential residents to tour the actual apartments they will move into. In some buildings we do host walkthroughs of the building and model units. Temperature checks, contact tracing and masks are required. No exceptions.

Fees & Deposits

Do you allow pets in your spaces? 

Pets are case-by-case. Please specify this request when speaking to a leasing specialist. In most cases we will accept and allow service and emotional support animals. In rare cases, we are not able to accommodate emotional support or service animals due to roommate or building requirements.

What are the move-in fees? 

We charge a one-time $30 background check (non-refundable). Each building has different application fees & deposits based on the building and the type of room rented. Move-in fees range from $200 - $400 and then a refundable security deposit.

COVID-19 ResponseBACK

Keeping our communities and members safe is our top priority. Here's how we are responding to COVID-19:

• All common spaces are regularly sanitized

• Each room is thoroughly deep-cleaned between stays.

• Social distancing is encouraged in common areas

• New virtual events bring members together online.

• Keyless entry throughout each building helps keep physical contact to a minimum

• Members will be digitally notified if they have been in contact with an ill member
If questions or concerns arise, members can contact community managers directly.

Let's all do our part to keep our community healthy. We'll get through this together. 

Are your common areas open? 

In some cities where COVID-19 case % is currently below CDC guidelines, we have re-opened our community spaces. In other cities where case numbers are still at a % where we cannot ensure health and safety or where air circulation is not available, we have closed those areas temporarily.

Are you still doing community events?

We are currently organizing outdoor community events in public spaces and providing our members with virtual / digital events as well as providing goodie takeaway bags for our community that may not be comfortable socializing yet.

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