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Mount Myōkō

With us you live in fully and beautifully designed furnished bedroom in a shared apartment. Everything is taking care of. You really just need your suitcase to arrive and live with us. 

From free laundry facilities, to bed sheets and towels, shower gel, to a fully equipped kitchen including the pots and pans for a good night of cooking.

Working from home or doing a project on the side, we have created creative Co-working spaces with plenty of high-speed wifi and cosy corners for you to be creative to write the story of your life. 

Need to burn your energy? Just your exercise in one of our in-house gyms, grab a bike or go for a walk in our inspiring neighborhoods.

Everyone talks about all-inclusive living.
We take that for grated. 

What we really care about is the unique community of people you will have around you. 

That’s what makes a home a home and a place to look forward to coming home. It’s the connections you have with someone.

Join our global community of passionate & creative people

Co-Living – True Connections

The words „community & like-minded people“ we find are overused and what does that actually mean? 

We believe in bringing people together who are passionate about something. Because it sets so much energy free and creates moments that are truly unique, memorable and special. Our members have been sharing wonderful and touching stories with us that really brought tears to our eyes. 

And we thought – wow, we what are we actually creating here? We originally just wanted to create "easy living" but what we are building are 
deep human connections under one roof that last longer that the living with us. This is our mission – creating a canvas for passionate people.
 This has been one of our company values from day one for our internal team members and is our mission for what we want to create for you.

Our Members say it best:
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EU Tel: 303 0809130

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What's inside your Quarters?
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Why Co-living & why Quarters?

Private Bedroom

Design-led fully furnish lockable bedroom, with super comfy beds, desk, wardrobe, ready to move in and feel at home. 

Free Superfast Wifi

 Private Bedroom 

We know that internet is sometimes more important than food (at least it feels like it), so we have made sure, you always have the best connection – wherever, whenever.

Furnished Living

 Private Bedroom 

You share your apartment with other like-minded people. It's all beautifully designed, fully furnished and in a welcoming interior style.

Community Events

 Private Bedroom 

Community and people is what we care about the most. Each Quarters home comes with amazing, passionate  people like you from around globe.

Free Laundry

 Private Bedroom 

Yep, laundry is included of course, washer and dryer – within each apartment, building or floor. 

Equipped Kitchen

 Private Bedroom 

Cooking at home should not be a chore, so we have made sure you can cook a great meal from scratch, including all the right cooking ware, pots and pans.

Join our global community of passionate and positive "the glass is half full" people from around the globe.

This is OUR mission

At QUARTERS, we believe that passion changes everything. Whether it is knitting rock climbing or cryptocurrencies, we know when you’re passionate about something, you have a drive, enthusiasm and curiosity that inspires the people around you.  That’s why at QUARTERS, it is not just about sharing your home, it’s about sharing your passions.

By learning what our members are passionate about, we can find the right combinations to ignite your curiosity and create an inspiring environment for you to live in. We want you to embrace new experiences, discover new ideas and learn from the people around us.

At QUARTERS, we want you to live your passion. 

It is so nice that so many people with different backgrounds can come together and share their experiences.“

QUARTERS will be definitely a part of my life experience.“

Me and my roommates are completing each other with different characters and skills.“

The community was very interesting to me. I moved to a new city and I made so many friends here in Q. Half of my friends are here at QUARTERS."

In our age, we don’t want to have an apartment just by ourselves. We want to go out. We want to connect.“

I learned so much from my roommates. They are totally different characters, summing up in a cool community.“

My Quarters is my home where my extended family is – my flatmates. And we all have so different interests. Much better that hanging out with people with work.“

I am the best of my roommates who I am surrounded by every day. I learnt so much from them. We are very different, but became amazing friends and we all look
 after each other.“

My roommates and I have become the best friends. We do everything together. Even going on holiday.“

So great know I have cool neighbors. I recently needed help to fix my bike, and just texted a group of neighbors and 10mins later someone rang at my door. Amazing.“

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